A Pledge from Maine Citizens and Community Leaders

For a faith-based version of this pledge for Maine people of faith, please see this page.

Defending Democracy Faithfully from Faithful Maine on Vimeo.

From Millinocket to Kittery, from Boothbay Harbor to Farmington, from the County to Congress Street in downtown Portland, we are citizens and civic leaders uniting with Maine’s faith communities to deliver our voices and our votes for an America where everyone counts.

We share their belief…

That everyone counts, no matter their age, zip code, race, gender, bank account balance, or anything else;

That in a democracy, voting rights are fundamental human and civil rights, and the free practice of the right to vote is necessary for justice to be established;

That the democratic processes of the United States are in jeopardy, that the right to vote in the 2020 election and to have every vote counted is under attack, and that there is a threat to the fundamental democratic principle of the peaceful transfer of power once the will of the people has been established.

Therefore, we pledge to protect and preserve democracy by:

  1. Voting
  2. Ensuring that our neighbors can exercise their right to vote
  3. Refusing to accept election results until all votes are counted
  4. Upholding the principle of the peaceful transfer of power after a free, fair and respected election (“free,” meaning all eligible voters are able to vote safely and without hindrance; “fair,” meaning all the votes are counted transparently; “respected,” meaning the results of the election are accepted)
  5. Supporting or joining those who engage in non-violent direct action in the event of any unjust usurpation of state authority that undermines the democratic process.

We fervently hope for a peaceful and orderly electoral outcome this November. However, should the worst occur, we will not be passive witnesses to the death of our democracy. Because we hold that democracy to be a sacred trust, we pledge ourselves to safeguard it, so that we can tell our grandchildren we did everything we could to secure a future where every person matters and every vote counts.

We welcome other leaders in Maine to add their signature to this statement.